About me

My sensitivity and my strong desire for honesty, sincerity and clarity always motivated my choices and pushed me forward in my life. 

My thirst for beauty and an immense need to share the love I have in my heart for the world and nature brought me to ask questions and search for answers since my young age. 


For many years, I searched for answers through my travels around the world. I encountered many teachers and many wonders. But it is when I finally decided to truly look inside my heart and start traveling inside my own consciousness that I found the answers to my biggest and deepest questions. That’s when I found the deepest love and the courage to understand my own truth as well as what being alive really means to me. 



How I Can Help You

Private Sessions 

Whether you need deep relaxation, support and guidance on your life’s journey, or healing from past memories, experiences and relationships…

I can help you through private sessions and energy work.


During these one hour and half to two hours sessions we will work together on improving your wellbeing. Using various methods according to your needs, such as reiki, access bars, family constellations, home energy clearing, breathing exercises and/or meditation. 

Each session is unique and dependent on each client's needs and intentions. 


Also, if needed, I can recommend appropriate exercises and daily routines to practice at home.


Each sessions are $120 



Audio / Video call sessions


If you are far away, if our schedules don’t match or if what you need is just some time to feel and receive some support to reset yourself. A call or video call can be the solution.


This thirty minutes or one hour session can be the moment for some light energy work, some deep breathing practice, guided meditation or mindful exercise together. I will guide you.

Remember: energy doesn’t have time and space limitations. Lets work this out! 


Each audio or video call sessions are  $40 = 30mins 


                                                                $70 = 1hour



Online group guided meditation


Every Monday from 9pm to 10pm. 


This free weekly event is designed to help you relax and connect with yourself deeply. 


We will prepare ourselves for the relaxation with a couple of minutes of exercise such as taping and stretching, done seated. 


Then we will focus on breathing, gently slowing down our rhythm and coming back to the present moment before moving to meditation. 



Please join the “Guided meditation healing circle for everyone” group on Facebook to receive links, updates and reminders: 





  • Genesis Tree of Life Wellness Center : 10206 Metropolitan Ave #1, Forest Hills, NY 11375​

  • Salon Solis : 316-324 Sea Cliff Ave, Sea Cliff, NY 11579

  • Or in the comfort of your home or office



​Tel: 786-209-4757